Why should you choose Walsh Video?
Because as a husband and wife team, we remember all the hard work and planning that goes into making a wedding memorable. We believe the most important part of our job is to allow the bride and groom to relax and enjoy their day. That guides us in everything we do.

Too many videographers dictate and direct with a high profile that interferes with the enjoyment of you and your guests. We prefer to let you take center stage-while we capture the true spirit of the day and the real memories as they occur. Our unobtrusive, dual camera filming approach captures beautiful, spontaneous moments of your wedding and gives you a video with an in-the-moment feel that you will love.

Of course we use the very best tools. But more important, we take pride in our work. You'll get to know both of us and to trust that every phase of your video — from planning, through filming, to production — is being handled by professionals who care as much about our work as you do about your event.

– Kevin and Chrissy Walsh
Walsh Video, Phoenixville, Pa